Your Bai Mai product has been produced with care by the Kasama factory in Thailand. This company was established by two sisters who believe in social responsibility. Kasama cares for its employees, providing social benefits, health care and educational opportunities.

Kasama’s social practices are extraordinary. Besides offering fair wages, Kasama provides bonuses and training opportunities to its employees. Kasama also encourages handicapped workers to work at the factory, providing them with equal benefits and welfare. There is a workers committee and union representation, whilst working conditions are clean and healthy. 

New Thai brand in tableware combines top design with traditional craftsmanship and socially responsible production. A new Thai brand in tableware will enter the international market: Bai Mai, ceramics created with card. Bai Mai combines creative top design with traditional craftsmanship and socially responsible production.

The first Bai Mai collection has been designed by Dutch
top designers Kiki van Eijk and Sander Luske. Kasama,
the ceramics factory launching the brand, is producing according to fair-trade standards.

Bai Mai has been developed by Branding in the South. This Fair Trade Original programme assists producers in Asia, Africa and Latin-America in building their own brand. The first Bai Mai collection consists of a range of teapots with matching cups. The contemporary designs still reflect both the authentic Thai characteristics and the special features of Celadon ceramics. The finishing of the products show great attention to detail. Bai Mai is Thai for ‘Tree Leaf’ an
refers to the special technique of the ceramics factory Kasama to incorporate tree leaves in the glazing. The name ‘Bai Mai’ reflects the natural relationship of the brand with its environment.

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