Designer : Sander Luske

Sander Luske is an independent designer and is specialished in porcelain home accessories. He graduated in 1993 at the ArtEZ Art and Design Academy and has been teaching Ceramics Design at the product design section of this academy since 1997. Sander not only designs products, at the request of private individuals or companies he also produces them in small number in his own studio. This makes him one of the few professionals in Holland who knows how to work with porcelain. Sander designed several items for Vaan Frits'Rosenthal and the Royal Tichelaar Makkum and he displayed his art at several international exhibitions.

Sander was asked to participate in the 'Branding in the South' programme. 'I really liked the idea behid the Branding in the South programme', says Sander. 'By adding brand value to the quanlity and craftsmanship of a producer like Kasama, we can created a huge potential. This way craftsmanship, which I also stand for in working with porcelain, is being optimally used and rewarded.'

In designing his products, Sander was faced with the challenge to create a collection that would appeal to the Western consumer without losing sight of the local traditions. 'And I had to take the material into account as well', Sander explains. 'Celadon is less fine than porcelain, so the designs needed to be more robust. Also, I deliberately used relief in order to make the typical Celadon glazing stand out well. Moreover, I wanted to make sure all four lines had their very own look and feel and character.'

In his own studio, Sander prepared plaster models and hauled them to Thailand where he had two weeks to complete the production. 'The planning was quite tight', according to Sander. 'The biggest challenge was to experiment with new, fresh colours together with Kasama. Fortunately, Kasama's technical man turned out to be extremely eager to learn and he really involved me in his plans for improvements in the production process. I feel I have been able to pass on some enthusiasm for  innovations. Sander is really content with the end result. 'The colours turned out really well. The four teapots all have their own character but will easy fit in with any other table ware one may already own. Bai Mai brings you oriental quanlity in a contemporary design', says Sander. 'I think that is quite unique.' Sander might participate in more projects like this one in the future. 'It's a great concept to help producers in less developed countries add value to their products. I'm happy to be part of that.'



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