Kasama is a ceramics factory in Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand, and was established in 1996 by Mrs Arpasra Kleine and her sister Kate. Kasama, which means ‘happiness’ in Thai, is specialised in Celadon ceramics.

Celadon ceramics are produced by a technique dating back to the 9th century. The Chinese, famous for this type of ceramics, brought the technique to Thailand. Celadon is pottery that is fired at a high temperature and is therefore strong and durable. The mysterious green colour is a characteristic feature of Celadon. Kasama differentiates itself by its know-how and attention to detail.

The company produces the finest and lightest Celadon products in Thailand and has a production capacity of 20,000 pieces a month. Some items are as thin as porcelain while Celadon products can be quite thick because of the special production process, where the amount of glaze adds depth and richness to a colour. Roughly half of Kasama’s products are exported into over 25 countries worldwide.

Locally, Kasama sells through its own shops and departments stores in Bangkok and nationwide. Kasama distributes locally under its own label and supplies private label to importers and department stores in America, Canada and Europe. In Asia, Kasama also supplies to hotels and retail outlets. Kasama’s social practices are extraordinary.

Besides offering fair wages, Kasama provides bonuses and training opportunities to its employees. Kasama also encourages handicapped workers to work at the factory, providing them with equal benefits and welfare. There is a workers committee and union representation, whilst working conditions are clean and healthy.

Ceramics factory Kasama is an inspired participant to the Branding in the South programme. The owners are looking for a more visible position in the market and to achieve more market share. Thailand’s up-and-coming textile brand, Jim Thompson, are Kasama’s inspirational brand. Kasama was invited to join the Branding in the South programme because of their experience in the export market and their presence at various prestigious international fairs for home accessories.

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