Branding in the South is a programme by Fair Trade Original, assisting  companies in Africa, Asia and
Latin-America in building and marketing their own brand. The programme is proving the point that brand-building is one of the key creators and sustainers of wealth in developing countries as it is in the West. Bai Mai is the first brand within the Branding in the South - programme to enter the market.

Fair Trade Original, based in the Netherlands, was  founded in 1959. It initiated  the concept of development trade, which has since been adopted all over the world. Fair Trade Original runs a comprehensive business development programme, assisting small-scale producers in developing countries to become strong contenders in the international export market. The activities vary from training and counselling on quality, logistics and management to marketing, product development and the integration of social policies in one’s business. With the Branding in the South programme Fair Trade Original adds brand management to its range of activities.

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